Marketing job titles levels chart

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More info. In the marketing field, advancement can come in two forms: elevating into leadership positions or specializing in niche areas. The best way to determine that is to familiarize yourself with the options. We identified 11 marketing job titles that might intrigue you as you progress through your career. Keep reading to get a taste of the many paths you could pursue along your marketing career path.

10 Common Entry-Level Marketing Jobs for Recent Grads

The good news about working in marketing is there are several directions in which you could take your career. What are some of those options? Learn more about just a few of the many marketing job titles you could find printed on your business card one day. Marketing managers help create and implement marketing strategies to help achieve business goals.

This might include overseeing market research, competitive analysis, budgets, timelines and a team of marketing professionals. Duties may include identifying press opportunities, publishing press releases, crafting newsletters, creating social media strategies or serving as a spokesperson on behalf of a company.

Their main objective is to secure media coverage for their organization or its leaders in order to help create or maintain a positive reputation. Some ways of achieving this is through writing press releases, orchestrating press conferences, planning public events and building relationships with publications and other influential individuals.

This includes ensuring every piece of marketing material is representing the company in a positive light. For every new product or service that is launched or updated, a product marketing manager is typically behind the scenes helping orchestrate all of the pieces that go into bringing it to market.

Give people what they want. They gather information through competitive research, surveys, focus groups and other tactics. They must then translate the data into actionable insights that help stakeholders make decisions. Digital marketing is a broad term for a specific sector of the marketing field. Simply put, any online marketing tactic email, websites, search engines, social media, etc.

In fact, the remaining four job titles on this list are all subspecialties of digital marketing.

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Content marketing specialists are responsible for crafting and distributing helpful, relevant content for an identified audience.

Content could be in the form of blog articles, newsletters, infographics, videos, quizzes, games and more. They help devise and oversee the social strategy in order to attract new customers and engage with existing ones. This often includes crafting engaging posts, responding to questions or comments from followers, promoting events or sales, creating and sharing promotions or coupons and more. Marketing automation refers to the technology or software companies use to effectively market to their audience on multiple channels, such as websites, email, chat, social media and more.For recent college graduates or those who do not have previous marketing experience, an entry-level marketing job is the best way to break into the industry.

Related: Can Anyone be a Marketer? Once an entry-level employee demonstrates competence to perform basic tasks, more opportunities to expand the role usually happen. Related: JobSeeker Series. Entry-level marketing jobs may not be glamorous, but they lend a basic understanding of the inner workings of the business, while laying the groundwork for the soft skills that will be crucial for long-term career development.

Experience required: years Average Salary: K Other job titles:. The next logical step in the career path is marketing management. Marketing managers establish, maintain, and evaluate marketing strategies. This role requires an additional character trait of leadership, as marketing managers have to orchestrate the execution of the marketing strategy and establish processes, while nurturing entry-level employee growth.

The director of marketing focuses on the marketing strategy itself. After receiving research and reports from marketing managers that detail market conditions, customer data, and the competitor activities, marketing directors adjust the overall strategy with the aim of fulfilling business goals. The Vice President of Marketing role requires a mixture of leadership, technical, and business skills.

The modern-day CMO does not have a generic, one-size-fits-all background. They are responsible for heading all areas of marketing, including developing, planning, and overseeing the execution of all marketing initiatives. While this is a useful outline of a conventional marketing career path, it is not comprehensive.

There are many different kinds of marketers: brand marketers, cultural anthropologists, marketing technologists, agency marketers, marketing consultants, and many different job roles and responsibilities that fall under each category.

Related: Agencies are from Mars, and Marketers are from Venus. Unfortunately, understanding how to break into the marketing industry, the skills needed to be successful in marketing, and the entire marketing landscape can be difficult. Conference attendees gain insight into what it takes to become a successful marketing professional. Read more about how we can help you here: Set up Offers Marketing Recruiting.

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At Set upwe work with a number of outstanding and award-winning marketing agencies. Despite throwing hurdles at the world, our partners still managed to shine. Working with such impressive companies motivates us to continue to make connections, and they truly got us through the year. The full conversation covers her career path from politics to marketing, ability to form connections within her organization to succeed, and working for a purpose-driven company and ever-changing Healthcare industry.What are the best marketing job titles to attract talent?

If you want more traffic to your job postings, one way to answer that is to see which marketing titles candidates search for. Below are the top 25 marketing job titles based on the number of searches they receive on Google.

Disclaimer: The actual of candidates searching marketing job titles is much larger than what I list in this article. Also, the data below is quantitative and more is not always better. Sales and marketing job titles are closely related.

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The brand ambassador title is now widely used outside retail. For example, Online Brand Ambassador and Social Media Brand Ambassador see below are popular new marketing titles used at many organizations. The copywriter job title is used to describe the position of writing text to advertise a product, service or organization. They also strategize and execute digital marketing campaigns and gather and analyze the data results from those campaigns.

A Marketing Manager is responsible for managing the marketing of a business or product and creating marketing strategies for their organizations. Marketing managers are detail-oriented, outgoing, and excellent communicators.

The Marketing Coordinator role includes creating website content and promotional materials. A marketing coordinator is also responsible for publishing social media content and managing email marketing for a company or product. Marketing coordinators can work in teams or on their own and usually report to the marketing manager. A marketing assistant job duties include planning and research to help develop marketing strategies.

A marketing assistant works closely with marketing managers on sales and marketing campaigns. Marketing assistants are detail-oriented and work well across many different departments doing tasks such as:. A marketing analyst, sometimes called a market researcher, helps businesses make informed decisions about their market.

Marketing analysts use market research and data to identify business trends and customer behavior. A marketing analyst is responsible for creating technical reports, lead generation techniques, and pricing strategies. A marketing director manages the marketing process from research and planning to execution and analysis.

A marketing director oversees the marketing team, the marketing budget, and creates overall goals based on market research.

A brand manager is responsible for the overall image of a product or person. The key elements of the brand manager job are to research the market to decide where a product or client fits in and to develop marketing or advertising strategies. A brand manager may also be responsible for managing budgets, helping create designs for marketing collateral, and overseeing promotional activities. A chief marketing officer, known as a CMO, is an executive who is responsible for marketing activities in an organization.

A chief marketing officer may also be called a global marketing officer or marketing director. The chief marketing officer role may include leadership of the following:.

A director of marketing manages marketing campaigns and new customer strategies for a company. A director of marketing is responsible for creating marketing reports, marketing campaigns, and collaborating with different teams to create new products. A director of marketing also leads marketing teams to complete projects and manage marketing budgets.

A social media coordinator works closely with a social media manager to help implement and maintain marketing strategies through social media channels. A social media coordinator uses various types of new media like blogging and social networking sites to represent a company or product through online channels.

A marketing associate assists with the planning and execution of marketing activities for a company or product.The following sample job descriptions were provided by ZipRecruiteran online employment marketplace.

These five are based on some of the top Google search terms related to marketing jobs.

marketing job titles levels chart

Are you a marketing job-seeker or marketing professional looking for the next great hire? Check out our Job Board! ZipRecruiter also compiled a list of the top marketing jobs ranked by job volume on its website, from January through April. What trends related to marketing jobs have you seen in the last few years? Are titles getting more or less specific? Are there more or fewer marketing jobs in general? We saw strong growth in marketing jobs inwhich makes sense given that consumer confidence continues to be relatively high.

Confident consumers spend more, which creates increased demand for marketers to help companies compete for their dollars. As far as job titles go, we are still seeing large numbers of general titles, with some notable new additions in experiential marketing roles like in-store demonstrators, food demonstrators and field marketers.

Social media marketing roles have also increased, as the rise of influencer marketing has led to triple-digit growth in related jobs year over year.

As always, marketing jobs today require strong soft skills, such as communication skills and customer service skills. Demand for those baseline skills remains constant year over year, with more specific skills breaking down along channel lines.

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For social media managers, for example, experience with Instagram and social listening tools are key requirements, but communication skills are constantly in demand no matter the role. There are over 1 million more open jobs than there are job seekers. The rise of marketing automation tools is driving a marked increase in marketing jobs that require [artificial intelligence] skills. Our brand-new daily email combines original thought leadership content from the AMA with the best resources and news from around the web.

What are some marketing job titles?

Sarah Steimer is managing editor of Marketing News. She may be reached at ssteimer ama. Skip to Content Skip to Footer. Marketing Assistant Duties and responsibilities:. Sign up for the My AMA Daily newsletter Our brand-new daily email combines original thought leadership content from the AMA with the best resources and news from around the web.

Sign Up Thank you for signing up! Career Growth.Like every profession, a career in marketing also presents an individual with various designations at different levels of career progression, where this progression from lower to uppermost levels of designations is known as marketing career hierarchy.

With a marketing career in mind a candidate can go in various directions with a different marketing stream but the progression of career in each of these directions is quite similar. A fresh graduate or post graduate aiming at marketing as a career has to start from a very basic position or entry level positions in an organization and with due course of hard work, dedication and experience the individuals starts climbing the ladders in his marketing career hierarchy with the ladder steps being various designations.

After developing the competencies over a period of time and individual can move forward to the next level in the career hierarchy. The second level in the marketing career hierarchy includes designations at Marketing management level like marketing coordinator, product specialist, marketing analyst, product manager or marketing manager. After developing certain subjective attributes required in a good marketer a candidate grows further in the marketing career hierarchy. Candidates at this level are responsible ensuring that right marketing actions are being implemented.

The highest level in marketing career hierarchy is the chief executive level where a candidate is offered the position of CMO Chief marketing Officer. This is the role for the most important strategist and candidates at this level are responsible for all the marketing aspects right from the formulation of marketing strategies to the implementation and review of the marketing practices being followed in the organization.

The chief marketing officer is the chief architect of marketing function and is required to behave like a leader, a builder, a motivator and a mentor. They are also required to actively participate in the implementation of marketing practices to ensure that the right steps are being taken.

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List of Job Titles for Marketing Positions

UK Business Hierarchy. Entertainment Business Hierarchy. Contact Sitemap Disclaimer.Are you interested in a marketing career? People in marketing positions help companies form and publicize an image, sell products, and run promotions on various media platforms.

Marketing roles are required across nearly all industries: anyone selling widgets requires marketing support, but so too do hospitals, schools, publishing companies, non-profit organizations, celebrities, and so on. Companies of all sizes require marketing support, and so there are many different job opportunities for people with an interest in marketing.

As new platforms spring into existence, companies gain additional opportunities for promotion, and hence require marketers' help.

marketing job titles levels chart

The marketing profession can be lucrative, as well. Inbound Marketingalso known as 'permission marketing' or 'content marketing,' is the newest marketing strategy that has arisen with the growth of the internet and social media. Tools of this sort of marketing include television, newspaper and radio advertising, cold calling, billboards, and on the internet banner, display, and pop-up ads. See below for a list of marketing job titles for a variety of different positions in marketing, advertising, and public relations, including content marketing, account and brand management, communications, digital marketing, and more.

marketing job titles levels chart

As in many fields, job titles can differ from company to company, even as responsibilities remain similar. And of course, many marketing skills will be applicable and helpful for very different roles in the marketing world. Review this list to get a sense of the wide range of marketing jobs available.

Thanks to the internet's explosion of platforms e. Advertising and promotions are typically the most expensive element of a comprehensive marketing strategy, requiring the combined creative skills of graphic designers, writers, art directors, and media specialists. Brand marketing is an essential part of creating a forceful, immediately recognizable market identity for companies and the products or services they sell.

Content marketing requires a wide range of team members who specialize in the different areas of digital content strategy, development, execution, and integration. Market research is essential to the development of all marketing strategies; these jobs require strong analytical, needs assessment, and problem-solving skills.

Despite the growth of content and eCommerce marketing, there is still a large demand for talented sales representatives who can engage clients in person, either face-to-face or through telephone and internet customer service technologies. Job Searching Career Advice.

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Full Bio Follow Linkedin. Follow Twitter. Alison Doyle is the job search expert for The Balance Careers, and one of the industry's most highly-regarded job search and career experts. Read The Balance's editorial policies. Article Table of Contents Skip to section Expand. Marketing Career Options. Types of Marketing Strategies. Types of Marketing Jobs.

Marketing Job Titles.This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. More info. On your mark, get set, go! The truth of the matter is that there are numerous similarities between the two. You'll want to get a good start without stumbling, be quick and agile to stay competitive and know where you're headed.

Getting a good start in marketing means learning which entry-level marketing jobs are best for you, so you can narrow down your future job search. Some jobs are numbers-oriented in forecasting sales and revenue, while other jobs rely more on creative skills, such as writing and graphic arts. Some marketing professionals are in front of people all day, whereas others work more solitarily while developing plans or analyzing results.

Marketing Career Hierarchy

While not determining your entire career, your first entry-level marketing job can begin to point you in a specific direction. Serving in a role with multiple responsibilities, a marketing coordinator helps the marketing team with research, planning and analysis.

Duties could include competitive analysis, sales forecasting, media placement, campaign implementation and compiling reports. With marketing becoming a more data-driven field, coordinators should be comfortable with quantitative research.

Working with a specific client or group of clients, an account coordinator is the link between the paying customer and members of the marketing team.

Responsibilities include relaying expectations, ensuring deadlines are met and making sure the client is satisfied with work being done. This job requires excellent organizational and communication skills. Helping shape public perception, a communications specialist is dedicated to managing the messaging from an organization.

As you might expect, these professionals need to exhibit excellent written and verbal communication skills. Communications specialists commonly work with advertising, public relations and media relations organizations.

Sales representatives must maintain good relationships with existing clients and cold-call prospective customers, which requires someone who is a good people person.

This can be a highly competitive career, and it may require overnight travel. If a client needs to place an order or report unresolved issues, the sales representative is the contact person.

Inside-sales representatives may be asked to upsell customers with new or enhanced product lines. Acting as a funds-raiser, a development associate generally works in the nonprofit sector to raise money for a good cause or mission.

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Required skills include database management, event planning and campaign development. For solicitation of major gifts, calling prospective donors is a responsibility that takes good long-term salesmanship skills.

Working with senior members of the team, a junior business analyst helps in validating performance of sales and account management systems. The job requires significant monitoring of systems and generating reports for updating senior management.

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